Be it in cinema or television movies as well as series Annabelle loves all opportunities to live out her acting facets. In between she likes to be a guest at theaters. Lastly at the German Opera in Berlin in the role of "Bassa Selim" in Mozart's "The abduction of the Serail".

As a dubbing actress Annabelle lends her voice to several roles in films and series and also speak commentaries in documentations.



As a dubbing actress Annabelle is the voice of Adoela at the cult series "Orange is the new black" as well as for several roles in film- and television productions. In addition she speaks the commentaries at the Canadian documentary series "North Woods Law".



Annabelle Mandeng has been acting at theaters since she was a youngster and has appeared ever since in front of the camera in television series and films as well as cinema movies.



Cast Info

Cast Info

Date of birth: 1971 in Göttingen
Residence: Berlin
Nationality: German
Age to play: 35 – 45 years

Hair color: brown
Eye color: brown
Type: Afrogerman
Height: 1m80 /5’11“
Size: 34/36

Mother tongue: German
Second mother tongue: English
Fluent: French
Singing voice: alto

Sports: horseback riding, scuba diving, downhill skiing, volleyball, basketball, ice skating, inline skating, boxing, stand–up paddling
Instruments: piano
Dance: ballroom dance, modern dance, tango argentina
Driving licence: car (B), motorbike (A)


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