In 2018 Annabelle played the 2nd female main role in the cinema adaptation of Alfred Döblins "Berlin-Alexanderplatz" next to Welket Bungué, Joachim Krol, Jella Haase and Albrecht Schuch directed by Burhan Qurbani which will enter the cinemas in 2019.

At the moment Annabelle is filming for a cultural Magazin on 3Sat which will be on television in December 2018.

Again she had hosted the competition movies including the award ceremonies of the Honorary Golden Bear to Willem Dafoe, the European Shooting Stars as well as the Berlinale Camera.

As a dubbing actress Annabelle is the voice of Adela in "Orange is the New Black" and in several other roles of film- and television productions. In addition she speaks the commentaries in the Canadian documentaries "North Woods Law" on SKY.

Since 2017 she also blogs with her longtime friend and colleague Tanja Bülter on

Cinema, TV, Stage


Annabelle Mandeng has been acting at theaters since she was a youngster and has appeared ever since in front of the camera in television series and films as well as cinema movies.

Talks, Awards, Events


Annabelle Mandeng has been an inherent part within event- and television presentations.

Due to temporary stays abroad she is – next to her mother tongue language German – accentless in English and French and switches fluently between the three languages during her presentations.


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